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- To make continous efforts for the development of Culture, Literature, Art and Education of Braj Mandal
- To collect, preserve and publish the literature and other material relating to the Culture of Braj Mandal
- The preservation and development of ancient Cultural Spots, Museums, Galleries history, Memorials and buildings of Braj Mandal
- Help discovering and encouraging the rising talent in Braj Mandal
- To confer honour on the poets, artists, scholars and other social workers of Braj Mandal
- To organise programmes at regional, national and international level to celeberate important festivals, fair and other cultural items pertaining to Braj
- To cooperate with Society(s) having similar aims and objects
- Chaturved Braj Vikas Samaj has taken upon itself the cause of promoting and incentivizing children education in Braj (in and around Mathura, Uttar Pradesh)